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Unprecedented Opposition to Pipelines
Forest Service Approves Pipeline Survey Permit

All Pain, No Gain
 – Commentary
All Pain, No Gain
 – AP story
Highland County Alternate Routes – Map

Dominion Reconsiders Alternate Route Through Highland

New Hope From Our Lawmakers

Pipelines Prompt Discussion of Property Rights Law

The Fundamental Right to Private Property

Dominion Not Considering All Alternatives

Should Dominion Get to Walk All Over Property Rights?

Dominion Gas Pipeline Faces Mountain of Opposition 

Dominion’s Pipeline:  The Battle is Joined

Forest Service Seeks Public Comments on Pipeline Survey 

Dominion Fine Worries Opponents of Future Pipeline

Dominion Charged With Pipeline Water Quality Violations

Pipeline Companies Can’t Yet Claim Eminent Domain

Forest Plan Raises Questions About Fracking in Highland
Southern Environmental Law Center on National Forest Plan
Atlantic Coast Pipeline:  A Threat to Shenandoah Mountain

Monongahela National Forest Urged to Reject Survey Request

George Washington National Forest Urged to Reject Survey Reques
Alternate Pipeline Routes
 (updated 10/08/14)
Dominion Open House Aerial Maps

Eminent Domain Lawyers in Virginia
Public Officials to Contact About the Pipeline

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
Guide for Landowners
Slide Show on the Review Process


New hope from our lawmakers – The Recorder, 012915
 . . . your own money is being used against you.

Eminent domain bill would provide transparency – The Recorder, 012915
 . . . utility companies have gotten all the benefit of eminent domain authority without any of the oversight or public scrutiny.

Dominion not considering all alternatives – The News Virginian, 011715
The mere mention of the existence of an alternative does not constitute a valid analysis of its advantages and disadvantages.

The Atlantic Coast Pipeline: a parasitic worm – Newsleader, 122614
. . . confidence in Dominion’s ability to meet the extreme challenges of pipeline scale construction that few others have attempted is challenged by Dominion’s own record.

It’s time to assert community rights – Roanoke Times, 121414
. . . you don’t have a pipeline problem, Virginia, you have a democracy

Citizen voices protected national forest
– The Daily Progress, 120714
. . . the next big threat: the massively destructive Atlantic Coast (fracked gas)
planned by Dominion Resources across the most ecologically
sensitive parts of the 

Money talks – The Recorder, 1201414
 . . . are we ready to roll over, take Dominion’s money . . . ?

Insist against the pipeline – NewsLeader, 120114
. . . if federal regulators foolishly give it the go-ahead, Virginia’s agencies charged with enforcing clean water and other environmental laws should be on high alert to monitor every foot of pipeline and every cut through each river and ridge.

Appalachian Trail Conservancy – Roanoke Times, 111914
We need to take a critical look at this modern day “gas rush.”

Pipeline shouldn’t trump property rights – News Virginian, 111314
The company is threatening to sue landowners to get the right to survey
their property.

Where’s the pipeline gas going? – Roanoke Times, 102514
. . . they can’t deny it with a straight face . .

Pipeline expansion should alarm homeowners – Washington Post, 101714
Dominion’s plans will turn their lives upside down, threatening quality of life,
safety, and property values. 

Renewables, not natural gas – Charleston Gazette, 101414
We don’t have to tear up the mountains in the national forest to lower emissions.

Friends of Nelson County oppose pipeline – Times Dispatch, 100914
It appears that Dominion only cares about the benefits of this project, ignores its cost and thinks we should, too.

Unwise pipeline calls for people power – Bay Journal News Service, 092314
Today it seems corporations have more rights than people.

Trust missing – The Recorder, 091814
Dominion is an enormous utility that answers to its investors first, regulators second and everyone else in order of appearance.

Responses to Virginia Governor’s endorsement of the pipeline

Dominion gets it done  – NewsLeader, 090314
Dominion has shown us the real Virginia way to get things done. Give money, get laws passed, show up at public meetings and do whatever you want.

Superhighway:  A done deal?  – The Recorder, 090414
McAuliffe should take a closer look at where Dominion might build this line, and urge the power players to seek alternatives that will not destroy one of the last, best places on the East Coast.x

Southern Environmental Law Center
Augusta County Alliance
Friends of Nelson
Highlanders for Responsible Development
West Virginia Conservation Groups

Trout Unlimited Urges Caution – 090514
Threats Increase With New Pipeline Route  – Wild Virginia, 082514
Precious Territory – The Recorder, 082114
Residents All Revved Up, But Unlikely to Win – NewsLeader, 081414
Still Concerned About Proposed Pipeline – Virginia Sierra Club, 061614
Here We Go Again – The Recorder, 060514


Groups Ask GWNF to Reject Pipeline Survey – The Recorder, 012915
Dominion Pipeline Monitoring Coalition
– The Pocahontas Times, 111914
Dominion threatens uncooperative landowners with legal action
 – The Recorder, 111314
Highland survey:  pipeline opponents outnumber advocates 2-1 – The Recorder, 111314
Gathering dissent to gas pipeline –, 111114
Dominion pre-files with Federal Energy Regulatory Commission – The Recorder, 110614
No right of eminent domain over national forest – The Recorder, 110614

Opponents to monitor pipeline by ground and air – Daily Progress, 102114
Petition drive to go to McAuliffe
– The Richmond Times Dispatch, 101214
Landowner vows to fight
– The Recorder, 100914

Pipeline plan sparks National Forest concerns – Public News Service, 092214
Concerns linger after gas pipeline open house
– The Recorder, 091814
Pipeline generates environmental concerns – The Pocahontas Times, 091214
Augusta and Nelson Counties weigh in on pipeline – Newsleader, 091214
Karst will be focus at pipeline meeting – The Recorder, 091114
Nelson County supervisors formally oppose pipeline – Daily Progress, 091114
McAuliffe confronted by protesters in Charlottesville – Daily Progress, 091114
Pipeline coalition formed – Daily Progress, 091114
Virginia Governor claims pipeline gas will not be from fracked sources – Washington Post, 091014
Allegheny-Blue Ridge Alliance formed – Charleston Gazette, 090914
Valley residents prepare for pipeline fight – NewsLeader, 090714
Augusta residents learn how to fight the pipeline – The News Virginian, 090714
Senator Manchin discusses proposed gas pipelines – The Pocahontas Times, 090314

Pipeline project endorsed by Virginia Governor
Pipeline proposal receives backing of states, utilities -The Recorder, 090414
Governor touts benefits of Dominion pipeline – The Recorder, 090414
Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe backs controversial pipeline project Huffington Post, 090214
Governor McAuliffe touts Dominion pipeline proposal -   NewsLeader, 090214
Dominion Resources pipeline a ‘game changer’ for Virginia’s economy, Governor Says  – Richmond Times Dispatch, 090214
Governor McAuliffe Atlantic Coast Pipeline  – YouTube Video, 090214
Atlantic Coast Pipeline – Tom Farrell, Dominion CEO  – YouTube Video, 090214
Governor’s Press Release, 090214
Dominion New Release , 090214

Concerns about pipeline strong – The Recorder, 082114
Dominion hear’s earful from county crowd – NewsLeader, 081414
Awareness of proposed pipeline grows across region – The Recorder, 061214
Landowner determined to protect Laurel Fork – The Recorder, 060514