Monterey, Virginia

Town of Monterey

Highlanders for Responsible Development is a citizens’ group that promotes stewardship of Highland County’s unspoiled landscape, natural resources and exceptional quality of life. We support policies and activities that are based upon informed community discourse, democratic decision making, prudent land use and sustainable economic development.

Senator Deeds Hears From Highland Officials Concerning Pipeline Oversight
Don’t Allow Shoddy Pipeline Construction

Pipeline Opponents Cite Contamination of Water Supply as Cautionary Tale

No Easy Fixes [includes discussion of Highland karst resources]
Pipeline Environmental Infractions on Upswing

ACP Sues Dividing Waters; CRPA Critiques ACP Water Resource Report

HRD President, Lew Freeman, Responds to Pipeline Proponent

FERC Directs Dominion to Address Highland Supervisor’s Concerns

Will Dominion Satisfy Highland Supervisor’s Concerns:  Probably Not

Dominion “Responds” to Highland Concerns

Highland Board of Supervisors Submit Comments to FERC
Town of Monterey Submits Comments to FERC
HRD Opposes Pipeline In Comments to FERC
Taking Pipeline Stand Important
McDowell Water Supply at Risk
Monterey Water Supply at Risk
ACP Export, Eminent Domain Issues
Unprecedented Opposition to Pipelines
Highland County Alternate Routes – Map
Dominion Reconsiders Alternate Route Through Highland

Dominion Gas Pipeline Faces Mountain of Opposition 
Dominion Fine Worries Opponents of Future Pipeline
Forest Plan Raises Questions About Fracking in Highland
Atlantic Coast Pipeline:  A Threat to Shenandoah Mountain